Our step shafts are forged from sound-centered billets. Using a “fuller” tool to start the stepping process, we forge the steps into smaller or tapered diameters. This process creates a contoured grain flow, giving the part greater strength and fatigue resistance that can’t be found in shafts machined from bar stock.

For round bars, square bars, flat bars and hex bars, NAF can produce sound-centered bars from various alloy types for a stronger and more durable product compared to a machined part or casting. From planishing, cutting, heat treating, straightening, machining and testing, we deliver consistent, high-quality, fast turnaround times.

Additionally, NAF offers all downstream processing, including heat treatment, machining and mechanical and non-destructive testing, upon request. Contact us today with your exact specifications, and our team will work with you to capitalize on our capabilities to minimize material waste and reduce process inefficiencies.

Max. O.D. Max. Length Max. Weight
190 in. 75 ft. 325,000+ lbs.