Time for a large hollow core
The extremely talented forgers at NAF make hard work look easy! Here a 13" wall thickness hollow at over 300" long and weighing almost 85T is successfully forge in AISI 4330V.
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Large slab. No problem!

Large slab. No problem!
Big presses need large forgings too! Often a break-down situation means our customer is losing thousands of dollars in down time each day. This is where NAF has our customers covered with an expedited response.  This slab measuring 20" thick x 97" wide x 275" long and 151,000 lbs was successfully forged by our very talented team here at NAF earlier this week. Tonight the material will complete its normalized cycle and once milled will ship in early December. All operations from melting the steel ingot to milling and final inspection will be performed at one facility here in New Castle, PA!
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NAF loads marine shaft with overhead crane
After forging and rough machining in New Castle, PA this shaft is loaded onto a flatbed. It will make a brief trip to a sister division located less than two hours north to have an inner bore machined in before heat treatment. In this picture the shaft is just over 40' in length and weighs over 100,000 lbs.
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NAF ships second of three ultra large open die rings to customer in the Midwest
On 6/21 NAF successfully shipped the second of three large open die forged rings. This piece shown here laying flat on a massive tractor trailer is over 185" outer diameter and weighs more than 180,000 lbs!
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NAF Receives ISO 9001:2008 Certification

This certification can be downloaded under the quality tab within this website.

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