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NAF’s new 90MN (10,120 ton) open die forging press is the greatest tonnage, fastest acting and most reliable in the Americas. The press opening is also the largest with 6 meters (236 inches) of vertical daylight and five meters (197 inches) between the columns. The stroke is 3.1 meters (122 inches). The press is serviced by a 200 metric ton railbound manipulator, a 100 metric ton mobile manipulator and a 230 metric ton overhead crane.

The existing, internally designed and built 40 MN (4,500 ton) sister press is serviced by multiple 45 metric ton mobile manipulators. This press has been operational since 1998 and was fully rebuilt in 2013. During its operation, NAF has averaged forging more than 100,000 ingot tons per year making it the most productive press in the U.S. and possibly the world. This is a testament to both the skill of the NAF forging crews and the maintenance staff that maximizes the press uptime.

  • 90 MN (10,120 ton) open die forging press
  • 40 MN (4,500 ton) open die forging press
  • 200 metric ton railbound manipulator
  • 100 metric ton mobile manipulator
  • 45 metric ton mobile manipulators
  • 230 metric ton and other overhead cranes

In the press complex there are box type forge heating furnaces and a large car bottom furnace redundancies that employing the latest regenerative burner technology. Continue to the Heat Treatment section to learn more!


Open die forging is a manufacturing process where heated metal is shaped and densified by applying great hydraulic pressure to the part between a top and bottom die. Compared to other metalworking processes, like castings, fabrications or weldments, the forging process inherently produces stronger parts by achieving contoured grain flow and fine grain size and by consolidating porosity in the part.