Our forged discs and hubs are made by standing heated material on end and working it between an upper and lower die (a.k.a. upsetting). This process compresses the grain structure of the part in both directions, which gives strength and ductility that is not found with other metalworking alternatives. With our variety of in-house tooling, we are able to produce both simple and complex hub near-net forgings with tight dimensional tolerances and smooth finishes.

Additionally, NAF offers all downstream processing, including heat treatment, machining and mechanical and non-destructive testing, upon request. Contact us today with your exact specifications. Our team will work with you to capitalize on our capabilities to minimize material waste and reduce process inefficiencies.

Max. O.D. Max. Length Max. Weight
190 in. ** 325,000+ lbs.

**There is no practical combination of dimensions that would result in a weight greater than 270,000 lbs. (i.e. length is only limited by a combination of the dimensions and max. weight). Feel free to reach out to a NAF team member for further clarification.