NAF is dedicated to achieving quality results through the strength and commitments of its employees.


Initially, North American Forgemasters (NAF) utilized the JV Partners for compliance with a quality management system; however, after 2018, NAF operated under their own documented quality management system that conforms to ISO9001:2015. NAF is certified to ISO9001:2015 and holds a Forging Facility and Process Approval for Marine Applications through ABS.

NAF's total quality management methodology is centered around goals outlined in the Quality Policy. 

Quality Policy Statement

North American Forgemasters (NAF) is committed to delivering quality forgings to customers and partners that meet or exceed expectations. To fulfill this commitment, NAF maintains a quality-focused culture, ensuring the highest priority is placed on safety, productivity, mutual respect, continuous improvement and interactions with stakeholders.

NAF leaders are committed to implementing systems and processes to drive quality-focused behaviors, ensuring decision-making is based on what is best for employee safety, product quality and the protection of NAF’s reputation and business. Each person at NAF is accountable for ensuring the facility's security and the confidentiality of customer information, safety, product quality, continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

As part of NAF’s commitment to quality:

  • Leadership implements procedures that adequately define the expectations to support quality, customer satisfaction and on-time delivery of products
  • Manufacturing is conducted in compliance with applicable quality regulations, customer (both internal and external) requirements, codes and standards.
  • All personnel and contracted third parties have the skills, education and training to carry out their work in accordance with applicable regulations, internal policies and procedures, and customer requirements.
  • There is effective supervision of all third parties carrying out work on behalf of NAF.
  • Records, documentation and data are managed in accordance with applicable requirements and internal policies and procedures.
  • Processes are in place for escalating issues to ensure product integrity and employee safety.

NAF’s quality policy is implemented through a comprehensive Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9001. Performance is monitored and regularly reviewed to ensure our standards of conduct meet the high-quality expectations of our partners, customers and stakeholders.



Please see the below certification(s) and accreditation(s):

ISO 9001:2015

NAF Forge Facility Approval