A powerhouse of machining capabilities and services.


With a full range of downstream machining options, utilizing a combination of CNC and manual machining centers, NAF has the capability to rough machine its largest produced forgings. With a variety of horizontal and vertical turning lathes, vertical and horizontal boring mills, milling machines, horizontal trepanning and boring machines, machining centers and saws, these redundant capabilities reduce the risk for time-critical applications in our customers supply chain. Examples include: 

  • A boring lathe capable of lengths to 23 meters (75 ft.)
  • A vertical turning lathe capable of swinging 6.7 meters (264 in.) with 4 meters (157.5 in.) under the rail
  • Horizontal lathes with swings to 3 meters (118 in.) and center to center distance to 30.5 meters (100 ft.)
NAF also has over over 30 large machine tools capable of a variety of finish machining operations. Please feel free to reach out to one of our team members for more information about our machining capabilities.


Machining is a broad term used to describe various controlled material-removal processes in which a material is cut to form a desired final shape, size and surface finish. These processes include turning, milling, drilling and grinding and non-traditional machining such as torch and water jet cutting.